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  • SharePoint FrameWork
  • SharePoint Framework: Deploy client-side web parts

    SharePoint Framework encourages us to host customizations outside of SharePoint. Consisting fully of client-side assets these customizations can be hosted on public CDNs or other locations optimized for delivery of static resources. But hosting resources externally isn’t without downsides. Assuming you’re not hosting your organization’s customizations publicly, it adds yet another location for you to […]

  • InfoPath
  • An Alternative Approach to Query User Profile Service in InfoPath using SharePoint Online

    Background In InfoPath form, to auto populate user details, generally we, SharePoint Developers, used the GetUserProfileByName method by creating a data connection to https://tahmidulabedin.me/_vti_bin/userprofileservice.asmx?WSDL. And we used to be using this in SharePoint on-premises. Few days ago, I was trying to create an InfoPath form in SharePoint Online with Office 365 and I got an […]

  • JSOM
  • SharePoint JSOM: Check if a user is in a group

    Last day i was working in JSOM (JavaScript object model) on SharePoint Online. As per my clients requirement, i have to check a user, if he/she is a member of a particulate SP or not. In that Senior i used the following code. function(groupName, currentUser, clientContext) { var deferred = $.Deferred(); var currentWeb = clientContext.get_web(); […]