Build InfoPath Form on Existing SharePoint List

As we are building the InfoPath on an existing list, we have to select a list on which we are going to build the InfoPath. So, I have selected the list named “TestListforDemo”. It is a custom SharePoint list. And the list already has two items.

Fig: The existing Custom List

And now we have the default form for its item insertion. Here is the fig of the current default new item creation form.

Fig: Default New Item Add form
Fig: Default New Item Add form

Now, we have already existing item on this list. We will create the InfoPath form on this list which will insert new data and can read and edit the existing data as well.
1. So, first open you InfoPath Designer 2013.

Fig: InfoPath Designer 2013 new tab

2. Now select “SharePoint List” as shown above.
3. After clicking the option, a new window will be opened.

4. Now provide the SP site url on which you have the list and click next.

5. So, a new window will appear, where select “Customize and existing SharePoint list” radio button as we are trying to create the InfoPath on existing SharePoint List.
6. As I am trying to create the InfoPath on “TestListForDemo” list, I have selected it.
7. And then click next button as shown in the figure.
8. Now a new window will be open with the InfoPath form designable mood.

9. A by default designed InfoPath form is built by the InfoPath Designer which you can edit as you like.
10. And in the right portion, these are the list columns which are already created in the list.
11. One important thing is, it is better to create the list column from the list instead of creating from inside of the InfoPath Designer.

12. Now edit the InfoPath form as I have removed the attachment field which is not needed for my business.
13. And I also have created the “Save” button which will save the data on the list.

14. After completing the development, we can easily publish the form from upper menu as shown in the figure above.
15. Now if you check in your list that the InfoPath is incorporated with your list and you can view and edit previous data and create new data also.

2 Replies to “Build InfoPath Form on Existing SharePoint List”

  1. Hi, thanks for your contribution. I am facing the issue by the similar situation. Namely, I am trying to introduce some new formatting rules within the InfoPath form. It works a charm for the new items, but when I try to modify the previous entries, the rules are not being applied. Do you know what could be the reason? Thanks and best regards,
    B. Lazarevic

    1. Hi Bojan,
      Thanks for your queries. In this situation we can check as if the edit form is also using InfoPath form or not. Edit form can use the default one which can create this scenario. Also need some more related information to understand the situation.

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